To explore the theme of Life in the Universe, the Toronto Science Festival brings together scientists from around North America, and from an array of disciplines including: evolutionary biology, planetary science, oceanography, paleontology, geochemistry, astronomy, anthropology, earth sciences, exobiology and more.


rover3_400x400pxJim Bell was instrumental in developing cameras and processing images from the three robotic Mars rovers—Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. In his TSF talk, “Postcards from Mars”, he’ll take you on a tour of the Red Planet as seen through the rovers’ eyes. He was recently interviewed in UofT News.



Ammonite_300x300pxSean B. Carroll is an evolutionary biologist, author, educator, and a passionate advocate for science education. His TSF talk, “Brave Genius”, is a story about evolution, human origins, chance, the French Resistance, friendship and creative genius. He was recently interviewed in UofT News.



Payette_400x400pxJulie Payette is a Canadian astronaut and COO of the Montreal Science Centre—and one of the handful of humans whose perspective on life on Earth is from orbit. In her TSF talk, “Human Exploration of Space”, she talks about our efforts to travel beyond our home planet. She was recently interviewed in UofT News.





Image: Jean Fontayne